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Design Army Fashions Rebrand For Optician

Produced by Design Army, a new fashion film is the centerpiece of a rebrand for Georgetown Optician, a fashion eyewear retailer with several boutiques, that also includes social media and advertising. The film tells the story of the family behind the optician in a quirky way with a high-fashion sensibility. Shot in an historic mansion in Maryland horse country by


Catching Up With Real Women

The era of objectifying women and judging beauty based on one idealized standard ended a generation or two ago, at least in the public realm and polite society. But consumer advertising people are often the last to know, which may explain why many of them are taking a victory lap — some 20 years late


The Next Step in Simple

GDUSA has been covering stock imagery for three decades. It is clear that the story of stock imagery for creative professionals is an evolution from analog to digital, from slow to fast, from lack of choice to abundant choice, from expensive to affordable. And, most of all, from complex to simple. The next step in simple,


What Should a Natural Product Look Like?

Guest Blog Post by Jenn David Connolly When you think of a natural product, do you think of muted colors, green and brown earthy tones and kraft paper — to represent healthy, all natural, simple/clean ingredients, wholesome, maybe even organic and non-GMO? Think again. Natural products certainly looked their expected part when they first started


Airbnb Takes Trip Down Memory Lane

2013 was a pretty good year for Timothy Goodman. We hate to pat ourselves on the back but we sort of told you so. Last January, GDUSA selected Goodman as a Person to Watch. This past summer, while he was busy dating Jessica Walsh and documenting every moment of their courtship, he somehow fit in the design


On Branding: The Brains Behind the Brand

Of all the many areas of graphic design that I get to think and write about, my favorite is branding. It’s design, it’s art, it’s business, it’s strategy, it’s psychology, it’s pop culture. That’s why I am enjoying a new — and fast expanding — digital documentary series called On Branding. The series is dedicated to introducing


Sagmeister & Walsh Are Justified

The rebrand of EDP by Sagmeister & Walsh earned top honors at Justified: AIGA Design Competition. The competition judges the “effectiveness” of design and its relationship to the client’s specific needs. The famous design team created a modular identity that is transparent and customizable.


Arresting Graphics: Orange Is The New Black

Every time I watch Orange Is The New Black — the exceedingly popular tv comedy-drama based on the prison memoir — I try to match up the women’s faces in the opening credits with the characters in the show. Apparently, I’ve been wasting my time, since none of the women appearing in the opening credits actually appear


Pigeons + Pretzels: MoMA Challenges SVA Branding Students

Is the pigeon New York City’s unofficial mascot? There may be more people who think so following the global unveiling of Destination: NYC, a collection of 200 New York-designed products for sale at MoMA Design Stores. The collection’s visual identity is the handiwork of students graduating from the MPS Branding Department at the School of


Farrah Fawcett and Faberge

November 1977: New York: Faberge President, Richard Barrie, Cary Grant, a director of the company, and Farrah Fawcett’s husband Lee Majors, join in toasting Farrah’s new association with Faberge for her own line of hair, fragrance and beauty preparations. According to Barrie, Farrah will not just appear in the ads and commercials, but will be


Favorite Album Covers of the Past Half-Century

In honor of our 50th anniversary, GDUSA conducted a nationwide survey of the graphic design community. Our first issue of the year focused on the most influential designers of the past 50 years. Our next issue features your favorite design projects and logos and will be in the mail and online in the next few


The 1968 Presidential Election Illustrated

Just a few days ago, Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. Perhaps that is why this graphic fold-out jumped out at me as I leafed through GDUSA’s archives. Or maybe it’s the fabulous depictions of the 1968 Presidential candidates.


A Look at Corvette Logos, Past and Present

Last evening, Chevrolet unveiled it’s highly-anticipated new Corvette, and with it a refresh of the iconic Corvette logo. The 2014 logo, a re-imaging that thematically matches the redesign of the car, is bolder, busier, and more aggressive. There’s exaggerated form and shadowing, a nod to the modern demands of scalability and device readability; it will be as