The Next Step in Simple

GDUSA has been covering stock imagery for three decades. It is clear that the story of stock imagery for creative professionals is an evolution from analog to digital, from slow to fast, from lack of choice to abundant choice, from expensive to affordable. And, most of all, from complex to simple. The next step in simple, […]


Farrah Fawcett and Faberge

November 1977: New York: Faberge President, Richard Barrie, Cary Grant, a director of the company, and Farrah Fawcett’s husband Lee Majors, join in toasting Farrah’s new association with Faberge for her own line of hair, fragrance and beauty preparations. According to Barrie, Farrah will not just appear in the ads and commercials, but will be […]


A Look at Corvette Logos, Past and Present

Last evening, Chevrolet unveiled it’s highly-anticipated new Corvette, and with it a refresh of the iconic Corvette logo. The 2014 logo, a re-imaging that thematically matches the redesign of the car, is bolder, busier, and more aggressive. There’s exaggerated form and shadowing, a nod to the modern demands of scalability and device readability; it will be as […]