Sales + Self Promotion

  • Random Acts of Kindness Cards by 2k Design
    Design Firm: 2k Design, Clifton Park NY   Title: Random Acts of Kindness Cards  Designer: Kris Fitzgerald
  • Global Trading Guide and Calendar by Bank of America, Enterprise Creative Solutions
    Design Firm: Bank of America, Enterprise Creative Solutions, Wilmington DE   Title: Global Trading Guide and Calendar  Group Creative Director: Kevin Anderson  Associate Creative Director: Teresa Mraz  Senior Copywriter: Jim Gialamas  Account Manager: Tiffany Nash  Debbie Warburton Group Account Director and Digital Strategy: Debbie Warburton  Executive Director: Charissa Messer
  • Celebrating Gender Inclusivity This Pride Month by Burgopak
    Design Firm: Burgopak, London UK   Title: Celebrating Gender Inclusivity This Pride Month  Art Director: Lucy Parker  Designer: Lucy Parker  Concept Design: Alethea Price  Campaign Design: Alethea Price
  • GSD Self Promotion Website by Door No. 3 Design, Inc.
    Design Firm: Door No. 3 Design, Inc., Frederick MD   Title: GSD Self Promotion Website  Creative Director: Emily Ridgway  Designer: Jenni Caughy  Copywriter: Stephanie Ottavan  Web Development: Eileen Will
  • SmartMoney Welcome Kit by GAF Creative Services
    Design Firm: GAF Creative Services, Parsippany NJ   Title: SmartMoney Welcome Kit  Creative Director: Carlos Caicedo  Art Director: David Shin  Designer: Antoinette Prioletti  ACD: Don Miller  Writer/ACD: Donald Kilcoyne  Senior Manager Creative Design: Natalie Cruz  Account Manager: Jennifer Belthoff
  • Estora Sales Kit by Invok Brands
    Design Firm: Invok Brands, New York NY   Client: CannTrust  Title: Estora Sales Kit  Creative Director: Richard Shear  Art Director: Devon Luxmore  Designers: Devon Luxmore, Timothy McLaughlin  Account Director: Dana Tomiczek  Production Artist: Marianna Sciortino
  • Cyber Security Hero Award Certificate by The JVP Group
    Design Firm: The JVP Group, Studio City CA   Client: Gold Coast Health Plan  Title: Cyber Security Hero Award Certificate  Creative Director: Jim Pezzullo  Art Director: Jim Pezzullo  Designer: Jim Pezzullo  Illustrators: Yogy Ikhwanto, Jim Pezzullo
  • & series | sketch Nº39, & therefore by manughian design
    Design Firm: manughian design, Redondo Beach CA   Title: & series | sketch Nº39, & therefore  Creative Director: moni manughian  Art Director: moni manughian  Designer: moni manughian
  • Customer Experience Kit by ScreenBroidery
    Design Firm: ScreenBroidery, Noblesville IN   Title: Customer Experience Kit  Creative Director: Alec Witham  Art Director: Alec Witham  Designer: Sam Robbins  Project Manager: Noah Dell  COO: Gabe Peters  Regional Account Manager: Nick Williams  CEO: Tom Rector
  • Art & Sole Holiday Campaign by Smith Design
    Design Firm: Smith Design, Morristown NJ   Title: Art & Sole Holiday Campaign  Creative Director: Glenn Hagen  Art Director: Jenna Smith  Designer: Mike Doyle
  • Stephen Gould Company Overview by Stephen Gould Corporation
    Design Firm: Stephen Gould Corporation, Whippany NJ   Title: Stephen Gould Company Overview  Designer: Kathleen Brunetto  Photography: Miri Reinhold, Adobe Stock
  • TheHomeMag 2021 Media Kit by TheHomeMag SoCal
    Design Firm: TheHomeMag SoCal, Irvine CA   Client: TheHomeMag  Title: TheHomeMag 2021 Media Kit  Creative Director: Kathy Latus  Designers: Kathy Latus, Dené  Glamuzina  Copywriter: Kathy Latus
  • 9+CO Offering Memorandum – Milo + Theo Luxury Apartments by Walker & Dunlop
    Design Firm: Walker & Dunlop, Bethesda MD   Title: 9+CO Offering Memorandum – Milo + Theo Luxury Apartments  Creative Director: Matt Cabral  Senior Graphic Designer: Arthur Gorelik
  • Monkeying Around Label Design by Wallace Church & Co.
    Design Firm: Wallace Church & Co., New York NY   Client: Wallace Church & Co.  Title: Monkeying Around Label Design  Creative Director: Stan Church  Designer: Stan Church  Illustrator: Brendan Wenzel
  • New Adviser Support Campaign by Waltz Creative
    Design Firm: Waltz Creative, San Juan Bautista CA   Client: Herff Jones Yearbook  Title: New Adviser Support Campaign  Creative Director: Kathy Schipper  Art Director: Ana Kahana  Account Manager: Heidi Ash