• The EU and the US Infographics by Emily Rich Design, Inc.
    Design Firm: Emily Rich Design, Inc., Jacksonville FL   Client: European Union Delegation to the United States  Title: The EU and the US Infographics  Creative Director: Emily Rich  Art Director: Emily Rich  Designer: Emily Rich
  • Cloud ESG Infographic Video by Equifax
    Design Firm: Equifax, Alpharetta GA   Title: Cloud ESG Infographic Video  Creative Director: Tracey Beeferman  Art Director: Diane McNamee  Designer: Bleu Hedrick
    Design Firm: MAUGEDESIGN, LLC, Acworth GA   Title: MAUGEDESIGN Infographic  Creative Director: Carole Maugé-Lewis  Art Director: Carole Maugé-Lewis  Designer: Carole Maugé-Lewis  Copy Editor: K.L.
  • By The Numbers Infographic by Mouser Electronics Creative Design Team
    Design Firm: Mouser Electronics Creative Design Team, Mansfield TX   Client: Mouser Electronics  Title: By The Numbers Infographic  Designer: Morning Roseman  Senior Digital Designer: Hannah Baker  Creative Strategist: Sean Lowery  Creative Design Director: Jennifer Krajcirovic  Senior Copywriter: David Fambrough  Marketing Communication Manager: Katy Cole
  • Infographic Templates by Parsons Core Creative Services
    Design Firm: Parsons Core Creative Services, Chicago IL   Client: Parsons Corporation  Title: Infographic Templates  Creative Director: Kathy Sara  Designer: Gosia Sucinski  Brand SME: Joanna Piotrowicz
  • Safety Flyers by Stan Gellman Graphic Design
    Design Firm: Stan Gellman Graphic Design, St. Louis MO   Client: Core & Main  Title: Safety Flyers  Art Director: Bryan Wakeland  Designer: Bryan Wakeland
  • Coming Together to Give a Dam Sign by Studio Three Design
    Design Firm: Studio Three Design, Windham NH   Client: Windham Endowment for Community Advancement  Title: Coming Together to Give a Dam Sign  Art Director: Anne Marino  Designer: Anne Marino
  • US Gig Economy Inforgraphic by US Census Bureau, Public Information Office, Graphic & Editorial Services
    Design Firm: US Census Bureau, Public Information Office, Graphic & Editorial Services, Washington DC   Title: US Gig Economy Inforgraphic  Creative Services Manager: Corey Beasley  Designer: Michael K. Shelton  Editorial Section Chief: Christine E. Geter  Editorial Section Chief: Faye Brock  Writer-Editor: Lisa Stein