Sales Promotion + Self Promotion

  • Wield It Well Promotion by 7 Layer Studio
    Design Firm: 7 Layer Studio, South Orange NJ   Title: Wield It Well Promotion  Creative Director: Rachel Zorel  Art Director: Jacquelyn Kirby  Designer: Caitlin Kachmar
  • Enamel Pin Advent Calendar by Big League Pins | Statement Design
    Design Firm: Big League Pins | Statement Design, Chicago IL   Client: Big League Pins  Title: Enamel Pin Advent Calendar  Creative Directors: Kirsten Goede, Angie Garbot  Art Director: Kirsten Goede  Designer: Kirsten Goede  Illustrator: Lauren Nelson
  • Lifting Spirits Sales Promotional Series by Bonavita Design LLC
    Design Firm: Bonavita Design LLC, Montclair NJ   Client: Unimac, A Command Company  Title: Lifting Spirits Sales Promotional Series  Creative Director: Donna Bonavita  Art Director: Donna Bonavita  Designer: Donna Bonavita  Photographer: Alison Shaw Photography
  • Sustainable Raw Board CI RIGIDBOX Luxury Packaging Sales Kit by Corporate Image
    Design Firm: Corporate Image, Des Moines IA   Title: Sustainable Raw Board CI RIGIDBOX Luxury Packaging Sales Kit  Creative Director: Michele Choate  Designer: Greg Valentine  Marketing Manager: Julia Hulsebus
  • GAF SG + Time Release Sample by GAF Creative Design
    Design Firm: GAF Creative Design, Parsippany NJ   Client: GAF  Title: GAF SG + Time Release Sample  Creative Director: Carlos Caicedo  Art Director: Michael Comiskey  Designer: Angelica Calello  Writer/ACD: Donald Kilcoyne  Sr. Manager Creative Design: Natalie Cruz  Creative Operations Manager: Kim Bistromowitz  Retoucher: Richard Toonkel
  • Holiday Card 2022 by GDK Design
    Design Firm: GDK Design, Provincetown MA   Title: Holiday Card 2022  Creative Director: Glenn D. Koch  Art Director: Glenn D. Koch  Designer: Glenn D. Koch
  • All Eternity Promotion by Jacobs&Co
    Design Firm: Jacobs&Co, Fayetteville AR   Title: All Eternity Promotion  Creative Director: Anna Jacobs  Art Director: Anna Jacobs  Designer: Anna Jacobs
  • P.ARTS BE ART Promotion by Hyundai MOBIS
    Design Firm: Hyundai MOBIS, Seoul SK   Title: P.ARTS BE ART Promotion  Creative Director: JunHyuk Kim  Art Director: JinHyeon Jang  Designer: doyo
  • VO Trio Commercial by Parsons Core Creative Services
    Design Firm: Parsons Core Creative Services, Chicago IL   Client: Parsons Corporation  Title: VO Trio Commercial  Creative Director: Kathy Sara  Brand SME: Joanna Piotrowicz  Video Editor: Theo Laich  Creative Writing: BO Haynes  3D Visualization & Multimedia Director: Paul Pilewski
  • Protiviti 20th Anniversary Promotion by Protiviti Creative Brand & Studio
    Design Firm: Protiviti Creative Brand & Studio, San Ramon CA   Client: James Gardner  Title: Protiviti 20th Anniversary Promotion  Designer: Brin Azzarello  Art Director: David Laurenzi  Sr. Manager Art Director: Ryan Dahlheim  Sr. Creative Director: Stephnee Leathers  Account Manager: Craig Batty
  • Internal Hiring - Time to Love What You Do by Robert Half Creative Brand & Studio
    Design Firm: Robert Half Creative Brand & Studio, San Ramon CA   Title: Internal Hiring - Time to Love What You Do  Designer: Kelsi Kohrs  Art Director: Mandisa Fabris  Sr. Manager Art Director: Jenny Merritt  Sr. Creative Director: Stephnee Leathers  Project Manager: Kesha Seeley  Production: Luca DiCandeloro  Clients: Katie Rounds, Ana Pecoraro Tedros, Lisa Montagna