Red Hat Open Studio

Red Hat Open Studio Brand Campaign - Connected Industries

Client: Red Hat  Title: Brand Campaign - Connected Industries  Creative Director: Mike Esser  Strategy Director: Jacques Oury  Creative Strategist: Justin Braun  Associate Creative Director-Art: Nick Burns  Associate Creative Director-Animation: Laura Walters  Associate Creative Director-Copy: Casey Stegman  Art Director: Jenna Slawson  Animator: Eric Kramer  Animator: Jingky Gilbert  Associate Creative Director-UX: Aaron Williamson  Digital Designer: Rachel Ertel  Account Manager: Jessica Burkitt  Project Manager: Graham Rountree


Red Hat Open Studio Open Studio Community Internal Newsletter

Client: Red Hat  Title: Open Studio Community Internal Newsletter  Visualization Designer: Kalyn Haba  Writer: June Spence  Senior Project Manager: George Hage  Brand Designer: Ryan Williams  Graphic Designer: Claire Allison  Content Strategist: Shawn Deena  Project Manager: Matias Faundez


Red Hat Open Studio Open Source Stories: Opening the Loop Autonomy, Access, and Insulin

Client: Red Hat  Title: Open Source Stories: Opening the Loop Autonomy, Access, and Insulin  Director: Pasha Gray  Producer: Rachel Rooney  Story Producer: Jimmy Ryals  Directors of Photography: Pasha Gray, Tyler Northrup  Camera Operator: Brett Mullen  Photographer: Josh Steadman  Editor: Pasha Gray  Assistant Editor: Jesse Paddock  Motion Graphics: Eric Kramer, Payton Osbourne  Graphic Design: Liz Wetzel  Web Design: Renee Mansell  Music Composition/Sound Design: Matthew Chilelli  Project Manager: Graham Rountree  Art Director: Kieran Moreira  Associate Creative Director: Brett Abramsky  Executive Producers: Kim Jokisch, Mike Esser, Leigh Day


Red Hat Open Studio Red Hat Summit 2022

Client: Red Hat  Title: Red Hat Summit 2022  Creative Director: Joseph Schlosser  Art Directors: Jess Law, Stephanie Whedbee  Design Lead: Ruben Moreno  Designers: Boo Boo Howse, Clara May  Copywriter: Leah McCann  Assoc. Creative Director-Animation: Laura Walters  Sr. Motion Graphics Designers: Drew Carrow, Jingky Gilbert, Eric Kramer  Sr. UX Designer: Adam Thornburg  UX Producer: Carrie DaSilva  Jr. Motion Designer: payton Osborne  Sr. Graphic Designer: Alex Traboulski  Graphic Designer: Allona Wilkerson  Producer: Rachel Rooney  Mgr., Digital Content Strategy: Scott Vogelsberg  Content Strategist: Ruka Osoba  Global Events Lead: Cody York  Mktg. Communications Specialist: Lauren Edwards  Project Mgr: Ashley Lowe  Acct. Mgr: Foss Johnson  Assoc. Acct. Mgr: Meredith Smith


Red Hat Open Studio GITEX Booth Experience

Client: Red Hat  Title: GITEX Booth Experience  Creative Director: Joseph Schlosser  Art Director: Stephanie Whedbee  Designer: Ruben Moreno  Copywriter: Leah McCann  Manager, Events Strategy: Kathy D’Angelo  Global Event Marketing Manager: Hannah Voso  Associate Manager: Ashley Lowe  Associate Account Manager: Isabel Hernandez  Partner Agency: Freeman