Elmwood Old Mout

Client: Heineken  Title: Old Mout  Executive Creative Director: Kyle Whybrow  Account Director: Amy Elliot  Senior Account Manager: Hannah Griffiths  Design Director: Tim Wood  Design Director: Paolo Orazietti



Client: Mars Petcare  Title: WHISKAS  Executive Creative Director: Kyle Whybrow  Head of Client Partnerships: Sheila Buchet  Client Partner: Charlotte Bennett  Senior Designer: Jack Bannerman  Senior Designer: Mimi Van Helfteren  Senior Designer: Andrea Maiuri  Head of 2D and 3D Animation: Oli Minchin  Strategy and Provocation Director: Esther Hastings  Senior Designer: Matt Churchill  Senior Account Manager: Lily Lyth  Design Director: Paul O'Brien  Associate Creative Director: Charlotte Distefano  Design Lead: Jay Bates  Animator: Doug Brown