A Look at Corvette Logos, Past and Present

Last evening, Chevrolet unveiled it’s highly-anticipated new Corvette, and with it a refresh of the iconic Corvette logo.

The 2014 logo, a re-imaging that thematically matches the redesign of the car, is bolder, busier, and more aggressive. There’s exaggerated form and shadowing, a nod to the modern demands of scalability and device readability; it will be as recognizable at 80 miles per hour as it will be at 114 x 114 pixels on your iPhone screen.

Corvette logos are historically comprised of three basic elements:  a crossing flag motif with a checkered flag to one side, a flag bearing the Chevrolet logo and a fleur-de-lis to the other. Interestingly, the original 1953 logo displayed an American flag opposite the checkered flag. However, concern over breaking United States Flag Code and State Laws banning the use of the flag in advertising led to the now classic, albeit more corporate design.

And now, a look at the evolution of Corvette logo designs through the years:


 1952 | C1


1962 | C2


1968-1982 | C3


1984-1996 | C4


1997-2004 | C5


 2005-2013 | C6


2014 | C7