Airbnb Takes Trip Down Memory Lane

2013 was a pretty good year for Timothy Goodman. We hate to pat ourselves on the back but we sort of told you so. Last January, GDUSA selected Goodman as a Person to Watch. This past summer, while he was busy dating Jessica Walsh and documenting every moment of their courtship, he somehow fit in the design of a 60-foot  installation at Airbnb’s San Francisco offices.

Goodman was tasked with creating a permanent installation in the dining hall of their new offices. After an intensive discovery of ideas and execution options, he took plywood that was used for the construction of the new building and cut and painted 115 pieces in varying sizes.


From there, he worked with an art hanger to securely hang all the plywood on the wall.


Over the course of 10 days he hand drew “moments” that represent internal experiences that employees have shared together over the years.





Goodman said of the experience, “I was completely won over by their unparalleled culture and all the talented people who work there. Not to mention, the food is amazing.”

Creative Director: Alexandra Anderson
Assistant: Ashley Fundora
Art Hanger: Kevin Early Taylor
Photos: Courtesy Airbnb

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