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Guest Blog Post by Thaddeus B. Kubis, Edited by Robert Antonik

Introducing Brain-Rust™

GDUSA presents this blog by the folks at Brain-Rust™, which is a responsive designed portal for communication mavens with a desire to expand their knowledge and professional development by integrating online and offline marketing tools, into highly active avenues of new lines of profit. Via this blog and elsewhere, Brain-Rust will provide direct and in-direct benefits for you to add to your skill set, expand your client’s marketing options, and enhance your profit generating skills.

Brain-Rust via this blog will provide two levels of continuing education and a benefit driven summary. Level One is the Second Learning Cycle. A simple quick read that is short and to the point that offers an immediate exchange of knowledge. Level Two is the Expanded Learning Cycle, which provides an expanded, in-depth supply of information (still brief) that you can review and read at your leisure or when you have the time and feel the need to “learn.”

The Brain-Rust Mantra:  “Monkeys are trained, people are taught.”



App Studio allows the designer to Design, Develop, Automate, Manage and Publish, an interactive data rich app in three easy steps: Create, Upload and Publish.

7-Second Learning Cycle: You need to offer additional services to take advantage of the tablet and “app” revolution, look to as a first stop in your learning experience.

Expanded 7 Learning Cycle: App Studio conducted a 50-city tour, entitled “The Digital Revolution.” The information provided during this 3.5-hour (held in New York City at MOMA) presentation was useful and could be adapted to your “new business pitch or sell speech.” Allowing you to present to your clients a well versed set of information protocols including defined business motivators needed to gain YOU market share.

Following the presentation was a rich, interesting discussion including key Q&A’s and a more detailed tutorial of the various app studio product mix. offers a series of subscription options (A free trial is offered on their website) that allows you to adapt an InDesign or Quark file easily and effectively converting it into an interactive publishing app and yes, much more.

Many of the “bells and whistles” tools offered within the national tablet publishers are offered by App Studio. You can design across multiple platforms, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android tablets and Android Smartphones, including engagement building tools like; videos, galleries, newsstand, in-app purchasing, SDK, and all the main tricks of the trade via App Studio. You can include image galleries, video imagery and some other very cool “eye candy” solutions to introduce your static design to the world of interactivity.

Direct Benefits: If you are designing a brochure, direct mail effort, newsletter or a magazine, you can use to convert those static designs and creative elements into a mobile-based interactive version. It can also be adapted to nearly all the formats of mobile, tablet and Internet marketing tools you can wish.

In-Direct Benefits: Offering new services that can bring additional business and profit to your efforts. You can expand the scope of your skill set and enter the world of mobile marketing with more then a bang, but with a creative event that is based on skill, knowledge and profit.


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App Studio rates on the Brain-Rust Digital (10 finger scale (yes we include thumbs) a 6.

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