Design Video: A Look Inside Vintage Magazine

Called “The Masterpiece of Magazines” by the Wall Street Journal, Vintage Magazine challenges all preconceptions of what a magazine can be.

Magazine creator Ivy Baer Sherman refers to her works as “portable museums”; each issue is a wealth of great art, commentary, and innovative use of 2D and 3D space. Paging through an issue, one encounters die cuts, hand made art pieces, movable and pop up elements, in addition to beautifully curated illustration and photography.

Drawing on inspiration from the Fleur Cowles’ legendary 1950 magazine FLAIR, Vintage Magazine serves as a unique community for both well known and emerging artists. In this video, we visit Ivy Baer Sherman’s studio for a discussion on FLAIR, the draw of vintage culture, and a look at what a print magazine can be.

Vintage Magazine was a winner in the 2012 American Graphic Design Awards. You can see the entire gallery of winners here and you can view more videos by GDUSA  in our Video Library.