Designing Mom Wants to Change the Stakes

I am a graphic designer but I am also a mom. My two worlds don’t often collide but every once in a while they do. This was the case with a recent identity program I created for You can read their complete manifesto but in short the organization is comprised of a growing group of volunteers concerned with the harm high stakes-testing is doing to our children and schools. They “believe high-stakes testing must be replaced by valid forms of student, teacher, and school assessment.”

In New York City high-stakes testing is going on all week. I was first introduced to Change the Stakes last year when my then 8-year-old son was confronted with these tests for the first time in the 3rd grade. The anxiety levels of my rather precocious and otherwise laid-back child left me in tears so when the group asked me to work on their identity I jumped at the chance.

Layout 1

In addition to the logo, I also designed a brochure which details the “Truth About High Stakes Testing in New York City Public Schools.” in both English and Spanish. I urge you to read through this brochure and to educate yourself about the facts surrounding the testing “because a good education can’t be measured by a test score.”