From the Archives: Herb Lubalin Roast

January/February 1974:

In one of the wildest, craziest, nuttiest sessions ever thrown at the Club, 10 greats in the field of communications tossed barbs and insults faster and funnier than the best of Don Rickles and Jack E. leonard combined, at honored guest and award-winning designer Herb Lubalin. Lubalin is only the first. For this new art form called the Roast — which is getting to be as rampant and American as the regular Friars Club sinners — the Club will next take on George Lois and Steve Frankfurt. Watch out!

Pictured at top (left to right): Bernie Zlotnick (Roast Chairman), Jerry Della Femina, Herb Lubalin, Ralph Ginzburg and George Lois


Saul Bass (right) flew in from the coast. Paccione is at the left.


Here it’s Ernie Smith’s turn. Next to him, Lou Dorfsman who was M.C. with Zlotnick.

In a high falsetto voice imitating David Ogilvy, George Lois brought down the house with a letter he’d received from him saying that he’d read Della Famina’s book and George’s — and they were damaging the business down on Wall Street.

Seymour Chwast settled some old “scores” with his former boss. Not only did he not mention Herb, he never even looked at him but showed movies taken of his recent wedding instead. He set everyone off screaming.

Herb Lubalin topped the evening. In a surprise turn, Herb’s real twin brother Irwin showed up. Herb revealed that if he weren’t an egg he could have been George Lois!