Get in the Loop with Twitter’s Vine App

So I gave in to the hype and downloaded Vine on my iPhone. I’m already addicted but I did find a few setbacks.

The idea behind Vine is to record a video on your smartphone in short segments or all at once. It took a bit of practice to get the hang of it (which may be in part due to my annoyingly shaky hands) but all you have to do is hold your finger down on the screen to record and let go to stop. Vine — like its parent company Twitter — adds a little twist to the usual post with a resulting video of just 6 seconds. I was impressed with how quickly the video is processed and then can be shared on Vine, Twitter or Facebook (more on that later). It definitely reminds me of Instagram for videos.

Like Instagram, Vine is free which certainly adds to its quick climb to the top. Unlike Instagram there are no filters or any editing tools which is part of what I really like about Instagram and what I miss on Vine. Cinemagram, Vine’s competitor and predecessor, does have more of these capabilities including a mask feature and also includes a backwards feature which certainly would have come in handy the half dozen or so times I needed to restart because of mistakes made mid-way through the recording.

My first stab at Vine was a video of different objects on a shelf. I slowly added each item with a lot of starts and stops but it turned out pretty well and the instant animation was really exciting. I would show you my video here but here is my big problem with Vine. Once you create the video you have options of sharing on Vine, Facebook or Twitter. In order to save at all you have to save it on Vine or it is lost. If you save it To Vine and allow Vine access to your camera your video does end up in your camera roll. If you don’t immediately choose to save it to Twitter there is no way to go back and change your share options. Lesson learned, save your video to Twitter. Anything on Vine is public anyway so you might as well post to Twitter. In fact, Vinepeek is a constant stream of newly-posted Vines with absolutely no filters.


Click on “50” above to see a video I created by recording pages from our 50th Anniversary Survey which highlights some design icons. I was only able to insert this into the post by emailing the camera roll video to myself and then converting it to a Quicktime file. If you don’t post it to Twitter I have not found another way to embed the video to your blog post. This really doesn’t give you the full looping effect of Vine which is quite nice. (If you have nothing better to do you can go to my Vine page and see it there.) I did hunt for an answer to this problem but it seems there is no solution at this time. I was disappointed by this but I imagine the stream of complaints to Vine will lead to change pretty soon. All in all, Vine is really fun and quite addictive. You’ve been warned!