The 1968 Presidential Election Illustrated

Just a few days ago, Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. Perhaps that is why this graphic fold-out jumped out at me as I leafed through GDUSA’s archives. Or maybe it’s the fabulous depictions of the 1968 Presidential candidates.

And now for a little history: 

Lyndon B. Johnson, (pictured left) was the incumbent in 1968. The final 3 candidates were Hubert Humphrey, George C. Wallace and Richard Nixon, who ultimately won the election. The primary was filled with impressive candidates (all pictured here) including Ronald Reagan (then Governor of California), Nelson RockefellerEugene McCarthy and coincidentally George W. Romneyfather of recent Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Robert F. Kennedy, brother of President John F. Kennedy, was also among the candidates but was tragically assassinated before the election. I’m not exactly sure what the “Calypso Candidates Kit” was offering but these illustrations of the 1968 presidential candidates sure get my vote.