GDUSA Unveils New Responsive Website

Website Enhances and Extends Core Identity

The idea behind GDUSA is simple and straightforward, and has not fundamentally changed since its founding as Graphic Design USA in 1963. We gather news, ideas, information, trends, products and services about professional graphic design, and present it in a way that is accessible, useful, inclusive, and helps build and celebrate the creative community.

At one time, the print magazine served the purpose. But the ways in which readers touch you and you touch them has dramatically changed. Today GDUSA is a printed magazine which continues to grow in size and stature, but it is also a website, an e-newsletter, a digital magazine for desktop, tablet and mobile, a competition organizer, and a generator of social media to a large subscriber base of print readers and an even larger assembly of e-subscribers. 


Our new responsive website arises from that spirit. Our previous site was conceptually tied to the print magazine and the rhythms of its publication. The new site is entirely re-thought and redesigned to be an independent news, ideas and information source. With technology that allows us maximum flexibility to deliver timely content on a daily, even hourly, basis even while integrating the best of the magazine and enews. With larger and more impactful imagery for a visually sophisticated audience. With a cleaner look and easier reading experience that displays across digital devices. With more streamlined ways for readers to engage and interact.


The project was undertaken entirely inhouse since we are best positioned to understand, elevate and update a brand we live and breathe everyday. The project was led by our incomparable Creative Director Ilana Greenberg, who quite simply excels at creating communications that are strategic, beautiful and effective. A special thanks as well to Hoff Communications for their efforts.

Welcome to the new It is of the moment, but it extends and enhances a mission that dates back more than half a century.