Going Virtual and Its Benefits

p-donnellGuest blogpost by Paul Donnell, a graphic designer originally from Gluckstadt MS, who is currently working at Ad.In Design in Ocean Springs MS. Donnell has a BFA from The University of Southern Mississippi and tells GDUSA: “I have a great passion for the work that I do and I’m not just a fine artist, but a great communicator.” The agency was founded in 1994 by art director Beverly Dees, a graduate of Ole Miss, to meet the advertising and branding needs of South Mississippi businesses. 



A while back we took a leap of faith and decided work remotely from our own office spaces. We love the office downtown and keep it for meetings, but the whole team thought we could increase efficiency and productivity by creating office spaces within our homes. Little did we realize that it would transform the way we work and connect. We set everyone up at their home with a new desk space with updated tech and we absolutely love it!  Here are a few benefits that we’ve noticed since going virtual:

Your Office Is What You Make Of It
From secluding yourself in a lair-like dark space in the house to working in a bright and open area not far from the kitchen (Myself…), we are free to create an office based on our comfort that helps boost our morale.

Your Office Can Be Anywhere—and I Mean Anywhere!
We’re not tied to our homes, either. That doesn’t mean our only other location will be the coffee shop around the corner: We can take care of our work while traveling (when we are passengers, of course), enjoying the great outdoors (thanks to long laptop battery life and tethering to our phones), or even listening to a favorite band at a live concert.

Our Schedules Are More Flexible
Having a work space easily accessible means that our work can be done on a flexible schedule.And we are sure to have some quality break time! Even if it’s just 10 minutes, we can do things that just wouldn’t be possible in a traditional office: busting some samba moves, playing a few tunes on a guitar, or taking a refreshing power nap. It always helps to come back feeling more refreshed and ready bust out some awesome designs or content for the client’s benefit!


Routine Is Overrated
Why waste time putting on your Sunday best and dealing with morning and afternoon traffic when we can be using that time for what truly matters, our clients! Don’t get me wrong, we come dressed to the nines for our client meetings, but not for our dogs that come to sit on our laps while we work.

At Ad.In, we have a very diverse team: Early Birds (those who come into the traditional office- chirping while everyone else grimaces) and the Night Owls (creatives who don’t even hit their stride til 9 pm). Having a virtual office allows for our awesome creative birds to forget about clocks and bring their A game to our process of producing awesomeness!