Lik Releases Epic Collection of Photography

Equation of Time, artist Peter Lik‘s 528-page, 106-pound testament to the most stunning landscapes around the world, is a jaw-dropping collection of hundreds of meticulously selected images — 206 of which span up to an incredible 40 inches across. A book by definition only, this representation of over 30 years in landscape photography is a virtual gallery in itself.


Equation of Time is the result of Lik searching over a million frames from his endless portfolio to find his most stunning images – many of which have never before been seen by anyone outside the artist’s studio. “Large format 6×17 transparencies, 35mm slides, black & whites – hundreds of photographs were captured with dozens of different cameras and in many different formats,” Lik remarked. “After looking back on over 30 years of endless shooting, the final selection process became one of the most intense and emotional journeys I have ever undertaken.” Not only will readers be stunned by Lik’s breathtaking images – they will learn about the artist through personally written anecdotes on his life experiences and deep thoughts on his connection to our amazing planet. From his humble beginnings, starting out in his home country of Australia, to later becoming a true leader in fine art photography, Equation of Time is an intensely intimate journey and up close look at the world through the lens of a master photographer. It is available through all 14 LIK Galleries across the country.