Revolutionary Laser Die-Cutter Gives Designers Superhuman Powers

At Impress Communications the Highcon Laser Die-Cutter Opens Up a World of Possibilities

The Highcon Laser Die-Cutter is a marvel of technology and engineering that represents a complete shift and new era for the design industry. This machine gives designers the power to envision and create artwork in ways that were previously impossible. The precision and flexibility of cutting with lasers, as opposed to the traditional method of using bent lengths of steel rule, removes the previous limitations associated with regular die-cutting.

Now, a designer can strip away intricate sections of paper, leaving dramatic reveals of the substrate or product beneath. These kinds of paper layering techniques create a compelling impression with a brand’s end user, and allow creatives to reimagine what can be done with belly bands and sleeves, folding cards or french fold panels, and any kind of package that features a window.


Not only does the Highcon revolutionize the industry of die-cutting, but it creates an entirely new world of possibilities with the capability to laser etch a design. As one might imagine, the laser etching process literally removes just the top layer of the paper, revealing the raw fibers within the sheet.

Laser etching works wonders on specialty texture, or dyed paper stocks where you may want to avoid the multiple hits of ink needed to reproduce your design. It’s amazing what can be achieved without a single dot of ink. Etching can also open up your design vision to new levels of personalization. In fact, both etching and die-cutting can be used to design around variable data, adding unique names onto individually produced pieces.


Information and lots of examples are available at the Impress Communications website.

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