Taking Typography To The Next Level with OpenType Features

A New Webinar On How To Go From Good To Great

Quality typography is no small task. Designers need to find the right font for the right project, as well as typefaces that pair well together. Once they start setting their type, they must consider how to treat weights and styles in their type hierarchy and set their type scale. In addition, designers need to think about measure, leading/line-heights, contrast, color, how to create emphasis, and so on. And that’s just to get to a good standard.

The difference between good typography and great typography is often that last 5% — the fine tuning of the seemingly small stuff that gives a design polish, refinement, and finesse.

speaker-dan-rhatiganThat’s why Monotype has brought in type design expert Dan Rhatigan as a guest for their next webinar, Finely Tuned Typography: Sweating the Small Stuff on June 29th, 1pm EDT. This webinar will look in detail at a few key OpenType features — specifically ligatures, contextual alternates, small caps, and number styles. Rhatigan will dive into the history of these glyphs, explain why type designers even create them in the first place, and show the impact these subtle treatments can have on your design.

Rhatigan’s work and expertise has been praised within the design industry. He worked as a designer and typographer for 15 years in Boston and New York before moving to England in 2006 for graduate school at the University of Reading. After receiving his MA in Typeface Design, he spent 7 years working with Monotype as researcher, type designer, and eventually Type Director. He now lives in New York City again, where he works as an independent type designer and consultant.

Finely Tuned Typography: Sweating the Small Stuff follows up on previous Monotype-hosted webinar Choosing Your Path to the Perfect Font, which goes through the journey of font discovery and strategies on picking great fonts.

Tune in for Finely Tuned Typography: Sweating the Small Stuff to learn how to use not just good but great typography in your next design.