Why Bad Graphic Design Will Kill Your Website’s SEO

Having an online presence is critical, but if a website looks clunky, visitors will soon click away. Images, banners, and logos are all a critical part of modern branding. Customers are presented with a ton of online information, so they have plenty of incentive to be choosy about which brand they do business with. Your website is probably the center of your digital marketing strategy, so it pays to spend time and money getting it right.

Website SEO and graphic design go hand in hand. Terrible graphic design will kill your website. It is worth spending money on a top SEO company such as Avila Web Firm, but don’t forget about your graphic designer. He or she is just as important as your SEO expert. Here’s why.

Poor Website Design

There are numerous examples of terrible website design online. Many older websites have poorly positioned content, lurid colors and awkward graphics. This does absolutely nothing for website SEO and is quite likely to send viewers running in the opposite direction.

A talented graphic designer works closely with an SEO expert to ensure all aspects of the website look great and are effective. Content needs to be placed correctly and design should be well-thought out. A website needs to look aesthetically pleasing, but it must also be easy to navigate. Graphic designers look at everything, from colors to graphics and fonts. If anything jars or looks out of place, it impacts user experience (UX). And as any experienced SEO expert knows, a poor UX kills SEO.

Mobile Friendly Websites

All websites must be mobile-friendly these days. We are increasingly using mobile devices to view websites on-the-go, so if images and graphics don’t translate well to smaller mobile screens, your SERPs position will suffer accordingly. A graphic designer will help you design a mobile-friendly website that translates perfectly to a mobile screen. All elements in the site should load quickly and adjust to the correct screen size.

Remember: if a business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website, visitors will click away. Do you really want your customers leaving in their droves?

Choosing the Right Fonts

Ariel is just the same as Times New Roman or Comic Sans, right? Wrong. Fonts matter a lot in website design, but unless you are a graphic designer, you probably won’t pay much attention to which font looks best on the page.

Web pages need the right font. The wrong font is unreadable or doesn’t look professional. Imagine seeing your company logo next to a title with a crazy font. How do you think your clients would perceive your brand? Exactly. They would assume you are a new startup with zero business experience. Is that the kind of image you want to project?

Don’t dismiss the services of a graphic designer. Their involvement is more critical than many website designers and SEO experts realize. Start as you mean to go on and hire an experienced graphic designer for your next SEO strategy. It will be money well spent.