30 Minutes To A Refreshed Resume

By The Creative Group

You get a call out of the blue: A recruiter saw your digital portfolio on Behance or read your profile on LinkedIn and now wants a current resume, stat! Problem is, it’s outdated. According to the specialized staffing folks at The Creative Group, here are five quick ways to update the document.

1. Go Big and Bold.
Your name is your calling card. Make sure it pops with a font that’s heavier and several sizes larger than the main text.

2. Do The Shuffle.
Rearrange your resume so your job history is in reverse chronological order, beginning with your present position. Your education comes next, and then a list of technical and soft skills.

3. Let It Breathe.
Your resume should be inviting and easy to scan. Add white space to create focus, improve readability and avoid overwhelming the reader.

4. Get To The Point.
Hiring managers are busy – don’t make them spend extra time picking out what you’ve done and where you’ve been. Make it easy for them to scan your work history by highlighting section headers and bolding job titles.

5. Erase The Extras.
Resumes, like anything else, follow trends, and the latest is to nix the objective, hobbies, irrelevant skills and the gratuitous “References available upon request” line.

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