Top 5 Job Interview Deal Breakers

By The Creative Group

Job interview coming up? Be prepared so you can avoid common missteps. According to research by The Creative Group, here are the top five ways to blow your chances with a prospective employer:

Pulling out your phone.
Before entering the building, make sure your smartphone is turned off and put away. When the interview begins, give the person you’re meeting with your undivided attention.

Being tardy.
Showing up even a few minutes late could signal to the hiring manager that you have little regard for his or her schedule; worse, it could cause you to miss the meeting altogether. Plan for any traffic and arrive about 10 minutes early for your job interview.

Arriving empty-handed.
Don’t assume hiring managers will have all of your application materials with them. Print extra copies of your resume and bring a laptop or tablet with your online portfolio saved to the desktop so you can easily present it without an Internet connection.

Dressing too casually.
Even if the company you’re meeting with is laid-back, it’s usually not a good idea to wear flip-flops and board shorts, unless you’re interviewing with a surfboard company. Do some research to find out the company’s dress code and choose an outfit that’s slightly more formal.

Complaining about a past job.
Badmouthing former employers, colleagues or clients may lead hiring managers to question your professionalism and attitude.

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