Berthold Types

Berthold is an historically important designer source for high-quality, classic typefaces. Founded in 1858 in Berlin, the H. Berthold foundry was renowned for crafting high-quality typefaces and was one of the largest and most successful type foundries in the world. Berthold Types continues this tradition offering design professionals the quality typefaces comprising the Berthold Exklusiv Collection. Berthold exclusively offers the Akzidenz-Grotesk typeface: the original sans and most influential grotesque. Berthold also exclusively offers other classic typefaces such as AG Book, Barmeno, Block, City, Delta, Formata, Imago, and many other new and long-time favorites. Berthold font software is available in the Open Type format with many font families available with extended language support. Berthold offers a variety of licensing options from basic end user licenses for individuals and small companies to flexible corporate extended licenses for use with the latest technologies. Berthold officials note that beginning in 2023, Adobe applications will not recognize Type 1 fonts so “protect your work with BE OpenType fonts.”