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Our June 2020 magazine features a reader poll entitled ‘Resilience In The Face of Adversity.’ There are 5 takeaways as the creative community grapples with existential questions and challenges. For today’s purpose, I note one interesting finding: designers believe that, in the new normal, the physicality of print and packaging will be more valued because, as Kevin Kernan of GDLOFT observes (see below) “people are craving interaction, people want their humanity back.” — Gordon Kaye
Noise 13
Noise 13 Redesigns Sacred Symbol
Branding agency Noise 13 has refreshed cannabis-infused wellness brand OM with a system hierarchy that works across various form factors and provides a sense of luxury…
Wine That Matters
Wine That Matters, For Every Occasion
Viña San Pedro was founded in 1865 in the Curicó Valley by the Correa brothers who were pioneers in bringing different wine varieties from the Old Continent to the Valley…
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JKR Intros Heinz
JKR Intros Heinz Global Masterbrand
Jones Knowles Ritchie has revealed the first-ever global masterbrand for Heinz. The brand identity seeks to unite Heinz’s expansive portfolio across over 20 product categories…
2020 Package Design Awards
2020 Package Design Awards
Sponsored by Neenah Packaging, the outstanding work showcased here ‒ from 200 elite designers and producers ‒ attests to the reality that is 2020…
OBD Creates Black Designers Matter Shirts
The Organization of Black Designers/OBD, a non-profit national professional association, has created a ‘Black Designers Matter!’ T-shirt to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. It also references the pressing need for greater diversity, equity and inclusion in the design professions, a mission of the OBD since its founding in 1994. Proceeds from the sale of the shirts will go to support and build the OBD Scholarship Endowment Fund. OBD will also contribute 5% of their T-Shirt sales to Black Lives Matter…
Covid Staples
O’Halloran Keeps Delivering Covid Staples
10 Thousand Design senior designer Kelly O’Halloran is using her talent to raise money for Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization…
2020 Web Design Awards
2020 American Web Design Awards
Sponsored by The Creative Group, our 20th annual showcase of the power of design to enhance online communications and experiences. This competition began near the apex of the coronavirus crisis and ended during the George Floyd demonstrations and ancillary disruptions; that it is among the largest showcases of online design we have recorded says something about the resilience, ingenuity and forward gaze of designers…
Print Equals Human
Print Equals Human
Kevin Kernan of GDLOFT reminds us not to forget the role of classic printed materials in our fundraising or outreach campaigns, particularly in this critical time of change…
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