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Once again this summer we had the opportunity to publish Bill Gardner’s annual logo trend report, a bright spot in the darkness. (See below.) His LogoLounge is the most comprehensive database of logos and his insights are priceless. On the impact of the pandemic, Bill writes: “Crises often accelerate trends in society and design. It’s very reactive and rushed… Next year, we’re probably going to see a lot of logos that came as a result ‒ some will be brilliant, while many more probably won’t. No matter what, I believe the design industry is going to come out of this better than we were. People will regroup, find their niche and come out of this with a new resilience.” — Gordon Kaye
Madwell Brands Discreet DTC Condoms
Champ, a new line of condoms and lubricants, offers packages online DTC delivered discreetly. They tapped Madwell to develop the brand strategy and brand identity…
Packaging: From Unexpected to Unboxing
Neenah’s unique and creative packaging products help elevate your brand. Explore their wide selection of specialty and custom packaging options…
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Grady Britton Breaks Produce Packaging Rules
Forward Greens, a sustainable indoor farm, has partnered with creative agency Grady Britton, for a new logo, color palette, typography and packaging…
Health Awards - Enter Now!
Enter Now! GDUSA’s Health+Wellness Awards
This competition takes in the big picture of healthcare: traditional medical industries such as doctors and nurses, hospitals and nursing homes, pharmaceuticals and insurance, senior care and aging, mental health and counseling; healthy lifestyles such as fitness and exercise, organic foods and natural products, life and work balance, meditation and spirituality; and public health and education initiatives. Plus two special categories of particular topical interest: COVID-19 Communications and CBD/Medical Cannabis. It’s a unique opportunity to be recognized by clients, prospects and the community for design, advertising and marketing excellence.
London Diners Get New York Edge
Partnering with New York-based brand design studio ThoughtMatter, The Breakfast Club launched a new identity and iconic visual tone but with a New York twist…
AI Uncovers Must-Have Fall Colors
Pantone and analytics platform Heuritech have been able to spot the must-have colors for Fall 2020 through image recognition applied to social media posts…
LogoLounge 2020 Trend Report
LogoLounge 2020 Trend Report
Innovation Driven by Technology and Tools
Bill Gardner of shares his yearly report with a belief that the design industry is going to come out of this better than it was. It may be survival of the fittest, with emergence of little start-ups that uncovers some talent never seen before. People will regroup, find their niche and come out of this with a new resilience…
2020 Package Design Awards
2020 Package Design Awards
Sponsored by Neenah Packaging
The outstanding work showcased here ‒ from 200 elite designers and producers ‒ attests to the reality that is 2020. Our annual competition celebrates beauty and style, of course, but even more important, the power of deliberate design to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth. Always important, but arguably now and into the next few months, more so than ever. …
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