GDUSA March 2021 Newsletter
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March 2021 Newsletter
If branding and rebranding programs are an accurate indicator of U.S. economic activity to come, we are in for a hell of a second half. Think ‘V-shape’ recovery. The sheer number of stories pouring into GDUSA about organizations refining their positioning and identities in preparation for new initiatives is overwhelming. A few are noted here and in our print edition, and lots more appear on our website everyday. I wish we could keep up with the deluge, but we cannot, and that is a harbinger of better times ahead. — Gordon Kaye, Editor
match Brand Communicates Trust
COLLINS and online dating giant Match have partnered to evolve the 25-year-old brand, growing and amplifying its mission while inviting thoughtful trust…
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Thank You from YUPO
The Creative Group
Pearlfisher Solution For McDonald’s Playful and Pragmatic
With over 60 million touchpoints every day, McDonald’s packaging matters, which is why Pearlfisher partnered with them for a multi-year redesign of the global packaging system…
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Swarovski Logo Crystalizes New Era
With a rich history in crystal cutting, manufacturing and sales, Swarovski is moving ahead with its next chapter — a vision that celebrates crystal in all its forms…
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Sessions College
5 Tips to Streamline Your Hiring Process

Take FiveMany companies are taking too long to hire, and job candidates are apt to move on if they’re left waiting. In a new survey by Robert Half, The Creative Group’s parent company, 62% of professionals said they lose interest in a job if they don’t hear back from the employer within two weeks — or 10 business days — after the initial interview. If you’re struggling to secure top candidates, here are tips to help you streamline your hiring process:

  1. Fine-tune the job description. Is the job description current and accurately reflect the experience needed for the position? Avoid intimidating job seekers with a long list of required skills by focusing on a select few and consider listing others as nice-to-haves.
  2. Do as much as you can in advance. Get organized internally before you begin recruiting. Coordinate all approvals and paperwork to staff the job, understand who needs to interview and sign off on the hire, and set your compensation range.
  3. Stay in touch with top candidates. Keeping in close contact with leading candidates will reinforce your interest in bringing them aboard. Be as transparent as possible about next steps and ask if they have any questions after interviews.
  4. Recognize the perfect candidate may not exist. Instead of holding out for idealized candidates who check every single box, extend offers to highly skilled professionals who would work well on your team. You can also train new hires for skills they may need.
  5. Get expert staffing assistance. Well-connected recruiters can help you quickly pinpoint skilled talent, as they have a broad network of strong candidates. They can also help expedite the hiring process to ensure you get a great employee.

Learn more about how to attract and recruit top candidates by visiting The Creative Group blog.

The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in connecting creative, digital, marketing, advertising and public relations talent with the best companies. More information can be found at

Artisan Staffing
Academy of Art University

Medicine+Healthcare | Pharma+Insurance | COVID Communications | Public Health+Safety | Fitness+Nutrition | Mental+Spiritual Health | Life+Work Balance | Seniors+Aging | CBD+Legal Cannabis

In 2021, never has it been so clear that health and wellness are of transcendent importance to our individual and societal well-being ‑ as well as the epicenter of the national conversation and policy debate ‑ and an area in which graphic designers have a vital role to play. Our annual competition has long taken in the big picture of healthcare: traditional medical industries and practitioners such as doctors, nurses and essential workers; hospitals and home care; pharmaceuticals and insurance; mental health and counseling; healthy lifestyles and fitness and exercise; organic foods and supplements; life and work balance; meditation and spirituality; and public health and education initiatives. And this year, we honor as well the exceptional contribution of COVID-19 Communications to the general welfare. It’s a rare opportunity at a unique moment to be recognized by clients, prospects, the creative community, family and friends for design, advertising and marketing excellence…
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Syracuse University
Moynihan Train Hall Branded As Gateway
Watson & Company has created the brand experience and brand identity for Moynihan Train Hall — NYC’s most significant civic infrastructure project in decades…
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New MGD Identity Has Nothing To Hide
Molson Coors Beverage Company has unveiled a new identity for ’90s icon Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) in a move to reinvigorate the brand…
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Landscape’s Identity For Disability-Inclusive Housing
Created in collaboration with San Francisco design studio Landscape, The Kelsey has launched a new brand identity that signals its disability-inclusive approach…
Better Than Blursday
A Gift From Sappi For GDUSA Readers
Every year Studio Hinrichs creates a monthly calendar for type lovers. Hinrichs celebrates the classic fonts that have shaped the world of typography and introduces fonts created by brand new designers looking to make an impact in the world of type and design…
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