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April 2021 Newsletter
Is graphic design dead as some futurists suggest? We consider that question in the upcoming April print edition of GDUSA. Spoiler alert: it’s alive and kicking! One piece of evidence: the vital role of graphics during the pandemic – posters, signs, publications, ads, reports, social media – in helping keep us healthy, safe, informed and inspired. Which is a convenient segue into noting that our annual Health+Wellness Awards is now open for entries. For years it has recognized effective design for medicine, healthcare and well-being; in 2021, it will also shine a bright light on the positive contribution of Covid-related communications. You can learn more below. — Gordon Kaye, Editor
JKR Simplifies OTC Medicine Market
JKR Simplifies OTC Medicine Market
Betr, part of Green Park Brands, produces FDA-approved, over-the-counter medicine shipped right to the consumer’s door. Every over-the-counter Betr bundle purchased equals one prescription donated to someone in need…
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DixonBaxi Sees Hulu As Vessel
DixonBaxi Sees Hulu As Vessel
Streaming service Hulu has undergone a huge amount of growth and change, and design consultancy DixonBaxi was challenged to realign and reimagine the brand while unifying the overall Hulu experience…
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The Creative Group
5 Tips to Help New Managers Succeed

Take FiveYour first day as a manager can be one of the most daunting of your career. You’re suddenly responsible for not only your own projects but also the work of those on your team — many of whom were your peers just the day before. That’s why it’s important to get it right from the start. Here are five tips that can help first-time managers hit the ground running:

  1. Maintain a professional tone. Supervising friends or former peers can be difficult. Treat all team members fairly, and refrain from going into too much detail about your personal life or griping about policies, the workload or senior management.
  2. Don’t micromanage. Good bosses know it’s important to trust their team to do what they were hired to do. Ensure your team has what they need to succeed, and once they’re set up, let them get down to work.
  3. Delegate when possible. Sharing the department’s responsibilities across your team can help your employees grow and allows you to focus on higher-level tasks. Find the right person for each task, give clear instructions and be available for their questions or concerns.
  4. Encourage work-life balance. Do what you can to help your staff manage work and personal demands. Consider allowing flexible scheduling and support your team in using all their vacation days. You can also set an example by looking after your own well-being.
  5. Expand your network. Build rapport with others who are working at the same level in your organization. Senior executives can provide great leadership and management advice, and you can create opportunities for your staff and other business groups to collaborate or brainstorm on strategy.

Find more career and management advice by visiting The Creative Group blog.

The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in connecting creative, digital, marketing, advertising and public relations talent with the best companies. More information can be found at

Enter Our 2021 Health+Wellness Awards
Enter Our 2021 Health+Wellness Awards
In 2021, never has it been so clear that health and wellness are of transcendent importance to our individual and societal well-being – as well as the epicenter of the national conversation and policy debate – and an area in which graphic designers have a vital role to play. This year, we honor the exceptional contribution of COVID-19 Communications to the general welfare. It’s a rare opportunity at a unique moment to be recognized by clients, prospects, the creative community, family and friends…
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Sessions College
COLLINS Composes Interactive Symphony
COLLINS Composes Interactive Symphony

COLLINS has partnered with the San Francisco Symphony to reimagine the organization’s brand and mission as a model for the future. A new vision of classical music as an essential contemporary art form inspired an evolving visual system…

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Academy of Art University
CBD Oral Strip Delivery Is Relatable As Pack Of Gum
CBD Oral Strip Delivery Is Relatable As Pack Of Gum
Recently, Pharmastrip set out to offer a better form factor for the delivery of CBD and dietary supplements. Affinity Creative Group developed a 360-degree customer experience to deliver on that vision…
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Municipal Leaders As Rockstars
Municipal Leaders As Rockstars
Each year, the Alliance for Innovation produces a conference focused on innovation in local government. To energize and reimagine the conference as a festival of ideas, Seattle-based creative agency Okaybro has rebranded the logo and conference materials…
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Syracuse University
Artisan Staffing
SMAKK Accelerates NYC Sustainability
SMAKK ‘Accelerates’ NYC Sustainability
NYC Accelerator turned to SMAKK to craft an identity and launch strategy that could build on the iconic NYC brand and position it to become a sustainability movement with NYC’s rich history of icons and pictogramsh…
Better Than Blursday
A Gift From Sappi For GDUSA Readers
Every year Studio Hinrichs creates a monthly calendar for type lovers. Hinrichs celebrates the classic fonts that have shaped the world of typography and introduces fonts created by brand new designers looking to make an impact in the world of type and design…
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