GDUSA April 2022 Newsletter
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April 2022 Newsletter
In Monotype’s Type Trends report Charles Nix describes 2022 as a “thrilling and vital time” for the creative community “to chart a path forward into our technological future, and to remind ourselves, at every turn of our humanity.” As spring finally arrives, it is strikingly clear that it is “humanity” more than technology that is on designers’ minds. Our most popular stories deal not with the future of the metaverse and the like, but with the world as it is and how to mediate it. From raising money for Ukraine, to supporting foodbanks and promoting greener cities, to revolutionizing mundane acts like grocery shopping, it is exciting to watch graphic designers influence the here and the now. Happy Spring.
— Sasha Kaye–Walsh, Website & Social Media Editor
Instacart Logo Points To Future
Instacart Logo Points To Future
As Instacart continues to grow, the brand is updating its look. Rather than focus on its orange carrot symbol, which limits it to groceries, the emphasis has shifted to the carrot’s green stem, which doubles as an arrow…
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Foodbank Branding Freshens Mission
Foodbank Branding Freshens Mission
Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin has a new logo, branding and tagline thanks to Planet Propaganda. The design agency developed a look that underscores the client’s commitment to fresh, nutritious foods…
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AIGA Creative Certificates   Full Sail Stories
Enter Our 59th Inhouse Awards
Enter Our 59th Inhouse Awards
GDUSA’s American Inhouse Design Awards™ is the original and premier showcase for outstanding work by inhouse graphic designers and creative professionals. It is a unique opportunity for inhouse designers at corporations, non-profits, institutions, universities, government, associations, media companies and other organizations to be recognized by managers, colleagues and the community for their creativity, for the special challenges they face, and for the full value they bring to the table. The year 2022 marks our 59th anniversary of organizing competitions for and with the creative community.
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Enter Our Digital Design Awards
Enter Our Digital Design Awards
We invite you to enter GDUSA’s 2022 American Digital Design Awards™. The contest formerly known as ‘web design’ has now been expanded in its 22nd year to better amplify the power of design to enhance online and interactive experiences – for websites, yes, but also social media, email marketing, digital advertising, interactive and interface design, video and animation, 3D and the Metaverse, and more. It’s a great opportunity to be recognized by clients, managers, colleagues and the community for design excellence in the fastest-growing area of design.
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Rule29 Urges Stand With Ukraine
Rule29 Urges Stand With Ukraine, the latest project from creative agency and certified B Corp Rule29, is a website, campaign and limited edition poster seeking to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most right now…
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Artisan   Verso
Sand Creates Stickers For Peace
Sand Creates Stickers For Peace
Independent Nantucket MA advertising agency SAND has created a Stickers For Peace campaign intended to aid refugees from the Ukraine, printing the most popular at the end of each month…
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New Talent Preview   Berthold
Are scenes on the big screen real or fake?
Monotype: Type Trends + Post-Pandemic Connection
The Monotype Studio has released its Type Trends report examining the movements shaping the creative community, informing branding, and driving design - with 11 concurrent trends identified…
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Rolling Stones Reimagine Logo At 60
Rolling Stones Reimagine Logo At 60
Even if you haven’t listened much to The Rolling Stones music, it is likely that you would still be able to recognize the iconic tongue and lips logo originally designed for the band in 1971 by John Pasche…
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Appealing To All Citizens To Care
Barcelona Campaign Encourages A Greener City
Cuidem Barcelona is the new brand for Barcelona’s maintenance and cleaning service. Created by the Folch agency, both the campaign and the brand appeal to concepts including inclusiveness, empathy and citizenry…
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People to Watch
2022 GDUSA People To Watch
GDUSA has selected a group of people who embody the spirit of the creative community. Individuals we have come to know and respect for a combination of talent, success, leadership, influence and community service…
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Sasha Kaye-Walsh  
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