Dog Tags

There’s that certain charm, beauty, and finality that attaches itself to the idea of cramming all of your vital stats onto a small metal lozenge with a limit of 72 characters. Decisions are made as information goes through the triage of suspect abbreviations, dropped details, and just determining what’s critical and what’s not. A cadence is evident when looking at these solutions that disregard kerning or letter modifications as words swing around the inside of curves and tend to consume every iota of space. Though this trend may allow an additional typeface to squeeze into the solution they are often crafted with an unremarkable font with a single weight and point size. Constraints that we live by lead the creative to some exceptionally clever solutions and these marks reflect that. For the client these logos represent, they exhibit simplicity and functionality that is forthright and honest. The text itself becomes decoration or a pattern used to define or repeat the shape of the tag, exhibiting a level of resourcefulness. As a rule these logos avoid using graphic symbols in the letter mix, which means the external shape becomes the sole iconic signal. Finding the client with the right aesthetic to rep this mark is key. Like the right look, on the wrong person these logo’s unintentional nature is completely intentional.


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