Each of us has at some point stared at a windowpane covered with raindrops from a shower. A droplet with just the right gravity starts to trickle across the glass merging with the next, then the next, until it creates a rivulet of water that races down gobbling every drop in its path. There is a random nature about this but also an inevitability that every drop adds to the power of the whole. Magnetism draws elements together, and what was once a chain of two or three drops might become a torrent. These logos demonstrate the multiplied strength of those that have joined in the effort as well as the individual beads prepared to join in the movement. A building drop used in this scenario stands resolute on its own in a perfect dome. It’s completely self-sufficient but at a tense proximity only a fraction away from becoming a part of something larger. These logos represent strength in numbers or a magnification of capability. They demonstrate an ease of blending and a mercurial ability to react. Most of these logos demonstrate this process with a chain of unions, captured at the second in time when the merger occurs. Snapshots taken at the perfect moment to best engage the consumer’s imagination.


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