Banking Brand Sets Students On Road To Debt Freedom

Working with Darien Rowayton Bank in a bid to reshape the online loan industry, Brand Union has created Laurel Road, a banking brand that celebrates financial responsibility with a platform, designs and messaging to reflect optimism for students and young professionals looking for freedom from debt. It’s a positive sentiment in contradistinction to most current discussions around college loans and student debt.


“The name itself – Laurel Road – speaks to the path that people tread on their way to success, and was a real source of inspiration for how we brought the brand to life,” Brand Union Associate Director, Strategy Jessica Lehmann explains. “We built a rich story around that idea, so it was important that the design emphasized the journey too, using imagery and visual cues to connote roads and paths, while incorporating the idea of freedom that one feels when financially unburdened.”


With Laurel Road’s message of “Rewarding Determination,” Brand Union weaves a narrative that focuses on appealing to individuals who have proven themselves to be aspirational, accomplished and dedicated, and deserve recognition for that with financial products that save them money, are easy to use and integrate into their lives. “It is a positive, future-facing story of how Laurel Road will reward its customers by helping them to leave their debt behind, making the difficult road to success just a bit easier,” adds Brand Union Senior Client Director, Sheila Sheedy.

At Brand Union, credits go to Executive Creative Director Sam Becker; Design Director Karen Yau, Designer Jacob Lindell; and Associate Director, Strategy Jessica Lehmann