Brand Union Helps Consumers See Benefits of EyeJust

WPP global brand agency Brand Union helps usher in an innovative form of retina relief by creating the brand identity for EyeJust. EyeJust, a line of antimicrobial mobile and desktop computer screen protectors with a blue light-blocking filter designed to fit smartphones and tablets, Chromebooks and other selected products.  With roots in consumer, fashion and tech, co-founders Gigi Mortimer, known for her work as Director of Design with Tory Burch, and Jock Thompson, recognized what was missing for tech-savvy consumers and developed EyeJust as a solution with a custom monogrammed resource for blue light screen protection.


Brand Union was tapped to craft EyeJust’s aesthetic and messaging. From sleek typography that references seeing eye charts and clever taglines like “We only have eyes for you” to a fashion-inspired color palette, smart iconography and informative diagrams, the design firm created a comprehensive identity that recognizes its role in eye protection while celebrating science, health and wellness.


Design Director Stephanie Landry explains, “The ultimate identity for EyeJust hopefully presents the product as an innovation that’s both stylish and substantial for consumers.” In addition to Landry, credits go to Executive Creative Director Sam Becker, Strategy Director Tim Gosman, and Designers Delaney Lundquist, Kayoung Kim, Nei Valente, and Jacob Lindell.