C-90 Forges Bond Through Print Design

How do you help a business grow their customer base if they don’t want to scale or expand? That was the reality creative agency, C-90, faced when they began working with High Five, a well-established Cincinnati salon with an average wait list of anywhere between three to five months.

C-90 moved beyond the traditional campaign mold with the release of the first of a four-part magazine series titled This is High Five Photo Book. The goal of the series is to expand the idea of beauty, amplify community, and bolster love and inclusivity through a print series dedicated to art, music, architecture, fashion and storytelling.

“We were working to forge a deeper bond with High Five’s customers and wanted to create a universe around a brand that inspires people in different ways,” explains Emmit Jones, Co-Founder/Creative Director at C-90. “It had to be print – it had to be more permanent-because it’s so easy to get sucked into our daily digital lifestyles, where we often lack true connection and physicality.”

The magazine, a celebration of the local community, unites over 20 Cincinnati-based creatives to showcase employees, musicians, clientele, friends and fans of High Five Salon. In addition C-90 was very hands-on shooting and art directing editorials and collaborating with photographers Madeleine Hordinski and Devyn Glista of St. Blanc Studios.