Danone Global Identity Signals Healthier Choices Manifesto

Conran Design Group of London has redesigned Danone’s global brand identity. Introduce this summer, it will eventually be adapted to all Danone products and brands. Conran describes the identity as reflecting “Danone’s commitment to delivering a positive food future but also embraces Danone’s new ‘One Planet. One Health’ positioning.”


The concept is for Danone to become what some call a manifesto brand, in this case to encourage healthier choices and more sustainable eating and drinking habits, an approach the company feels is important to consumers but also central to its own ethos and future strategy.

Danone Logo Before and After Redesign
Danone Logo Before and After Redesign

The former identity also featured a “child star” graphic. This version, contends Conran, better captures the emotional potential, is more natural and more closely connected to the star, and engages  consumers and stakeholders with the new positioning. The original is watercolored and hand-drawn.