FAY’s Wordmark For Sound System Shape-Shifts

LOBE is the first spatial sound studio in North America utilizing 4DSOUND technology. Featuring a collection of ceiling to below-floor speakers and vibroacoustic panels, the system provides a multi-sensory environment for immersive sound meditations, wellness events and deep listening experiences. Design and creative tech studio FAY was asked to design a brand identity system with the aim of visually translating how the technology works. As part of the visual identity system, custom generative software was developed, allowing each letter to move independently through animation. The result is a shape-shifting wordmark mimicking the way sound migrates through Lobe’s space.





For LOBE, this software is a source of agency: allowing them to quickly generate their own brand and event-specific digital assets, including social media posts, event posters, motion-based flyers, and business cards. Using advanced algorithmic systems to determine numerous legible lockup variations, the tool can output nearly infinite logo assets, both still and motion-based. The software was also designed with the ability to be live-synced to sound playing in the studio — controlling the movement of the logo in real time, for example on their website.