Brandpie Positions EO For Growth

Global consultancy Brandpie has developed a new identity for Entrepreneurs’ Organization. EO enlisted Brandpie to help reevaluate the organization’s positioning, and the firm responded with a strategy rooted in a deep human insight: EO helps bring entrepreneurs together to build close personal relationships. To unite the elements of the brand and hone in on this value proposition, Brandpie and EO landed on the theme: “Together we grow.” Brandpie worked closely with the client’s inhouse creative team to deliver a visual identity system, including an abstract logo.


The multiple lines within the logo hint at the nature of the relationships that form – the lines appear to be interacting and influencing one another, connecting together, springing out of one another and taking each other on a journey. The system also includes a lighter, more modern sans serif font, and a friendly color palette that represents inclusion, growth and connection.