Character Designs Fluidity and Empathy Into Apostrophe Brand

The new Apostrophe has a revamped brand identity system, illustrations, iconography, packaging, web design, and photography art direction. The online dermotology company, formerly known as YoDerm, has been given a redesigned, accessible platform that matches patients with board-certified dermotologists and a dedicated Care Team for the direct-to-door service. As explained by Character Co-Founder and Creative Director Tish Evangelista and Apostrophe CEO Ben Holber, the new name and logo represent the idea of fluidity — both a subtle nod to patients’ movement forward but also an underlining of Apostrophe’s easily-applied creams, liquids, and substrates. The custom logotype, explains Evangelista, is built from typefaces of the Renaissance but with a twist of sans serif modernism.




In addition, key elements of the rebrand include:  a color palette designed to feel fresh, clean and pure, but balanced with an element of technicality and precision, with neutral grays creating a foundation in technology playing off a mint palette for transparency and optimism; a new brand voice that is both earnest and playful, and empathic to the frustrations and aspirations many customers have with their skin; and a gender-neutral illustration style; and photography using real people grounded in the optimal relationship between patients and doctors.