Barcelona Campaign Encourages A Greener City

Appealing To All Citizens To Care

Cuidem Barcelona is the new brand for Barcelona’s maintenance and cleaning service. Created by the Folch agency, both the campaign and the brand appeal to concepts including inclusiveness, empathy and citizen co-responsibility for a cleaner and greener city. The identity, which covers all municipal services linked to public space, reflects  Barcelona City Council’s commitment to a green and circular economy. The phrase translates to “Let’s Take Care of Barcelona.” Its main objective, says Folch, is to appeal to all citizens so that they feel part of making the city a better place to live.



The new brand, which has been gradually implemented since March in the different districts of the city, is a reflection of the municipal government’s desire to reduce waste and increase recycling. Explains Rafa Martínez, director of strategy and business at Folch:  “Cuidem Barcelona articulates the name, branding and graphic system around three fundamental concepts: inclusiveness,  empathy and co-responsibility, where not only the cleaning services themselves feel part of the brand, but also all the personnel assigned to maintenance of the city. Likewise, Cuidem Barcelona appeals, in a broad sense, to a large part of the citizenry in an active and direct way. 



Explains Albert Folch, creative director and founder: “The paradigm has changed and, as a mature and aware society, we must become active individuals involved in the care of our environment. We cannot just be passive agents; the same  awareness that we demand for the rural environment and the environment is just as necessary in  the urban environment. We appreciate what we take care of, we take care of what we appreciate.” The emotional dimension of the brand is a symbol integrated into the logo, an abstraction of the initials C and B, which serves as a synthesis of both a heart and a face. The affective and proximate expression of this element takes on great importance within the identity. “The symbol allows us to communicate a wide range of situations and emotions through simple shapes and  movements, bringing richness to the identity, approaching the public in a more direct, expressive and closer way,” says Oriol Corsà, art and design director at Folch. 


A new corporate typeface, Aeonik (CoType Foundry) features sleek, dynamic forms that make it easy to use in both large body text and reading text.