Elmwood Identity For Research Consultancy Seeks Clarity

PRS IN VIVO, a research consultancy in packaging, shopper experience and new products, has launched a refreshed brand identity, developed in partnership with design consultancy Elmwood. The new identity is designed to make it look and feel like a modern brand while also capturing the company’s legacy as a pioneer in Behavior First market research. PRS IN VIVO works with many global retail and FMCG brands, applying behavioral science, advanced biometrics and AI/machine learning to help them understand, predict and influence consumer choice.



The new brand seeks to embody these qualities, forming a focusing lens that gives clarity to a circular cluster of dots, representing the company’s ability to see through complexity and provide clear direction in a world of messy data. The color palette and style guide encapsulate the diversity of people and the company’s behavioral knowledge, while two new typefaces balance humanity and elegance with innovation and precision.



“The beauty of working with Elmwood was that they quickly homed in on our pioneering roots as a springboard for challenging the cold and corporate look and feel of branding in our industry,” said Matt Michaud, Chief Creative Officer at PRS IN VIVO. “They did what they do best: pushed us to be bold and go further. I think the results really speak for themselves.”