JMS Puts Human Face On Analytics

Experience analytics company Contentsquare wanted to highlight their commitment to providing “More. Human. Analytics.” That is, offering insights and services that redefine the role data plays in our lives. Teaming with creative and strategic branding firm John McNeil Studio (JMS) for the rebrand and campaign, Contentsquare is now able to demonstrate how they put humans front and center.

The new identity features an icon and wordmark paired with character-focused photography and copy that communicates with both wit and youthful spirit. Beyond the main tagline, messaging like “Uncookied. Untargeted. Understood.” and “Everyone is unique. Know what makes them click.” stand as direct statements of intent signalling that Contentsquare is supporting everyone’s right to privacy and telling businesses that they do not have to sacrifice customer understanding in order to enable that privacy.



This approach is also reflected a new JMS-created campaign – with media strategy developed in partnership with agency Ways & Means – that features display and audio advertising, out-of-home  and a series of spots featuring a diverse range of people giving exaggerated, slow-motion reactions. The advertisements then ask viewers if they can tell what emotions are being depicted, suggesting that the client is the one analytics platform that can tell the difference.


Comments Chief Marketing Officer, Niki Hall: “JMS was able to take all the various pieces of the Contentsquare story and mission to craft an identity and campaign that reflect both the scale of our ambitions but also our desire to bring it all back to the people who are online everyday – people who have high hopes for our digital society.”