Kraft Singles Logo Is Creamier

JKR Package Design Unwraps ‘A Slice of Delight’

Kraft Singles, known for its iconic American cheese slices, introduces a packaging design with a modern twist and an easier unwrapping experience. Collaborating with Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) to modernize its visuals, the new packs are now splashed in a color-blocked design of deep Kraft blue with a yellow square — not just for highlighting the goods but to also reference the familiar orange cheese slices. (See before and after, below.)



The revamp includes a more legible, creamier-looking ‘Singles’ logo, complete with a little drip at the tail of the letter ‘g’, and brings food photography to the forefront with a stack of grilled cheeses paired with the 2D slice in the background.



In a statement, Kraft explains that the redesign was informed by the concept of “a slice of undeniable delight” in every pack. To mark the new brand direction, Kraft improved its cheese sleeves to make them easier to unwrap without tearing; the wrappers are thicker and slightly textured flap for better structural integrity.



“Kraft Singles has been a beloved staple in kitchens for years. Guiding it to discover its authentic identity while preserving its classic charm led to our very own slice of delight,” said JB Hartford, group creative director at JKR.