Mr. Peanut Sheds His Shell

Refreshed Branding Combines Substance And Swagger

The 115-year old PLANTERS brand, with the help of creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie, has refreshed its brand image, as well as introduced a campaign that spotlights how its products provide substance to nut-lovers. To relay this message, the brand has launched an illustrated spot (“Sustenance”) starring a revamped version of Mr. Peanut. The branding and the campaign pick up on the spirit of last year’s Superbowl spot in which the company introduced its mission of bringing substance to fans both in snacking and in life by using its $5 million Big Game budget to reward Little Acts of Extraordinary Substance. Planters’ initiative will continue rewarding acts of substance throughout the year, according to the announcement.

Although he has a similar look and feel to recent years – the graphics are sharper and the voice more authoritative – Mr. Peanut will now encourage fans to make substantial choices both in snacking and in life. The character also plays a new role on pack, showing off the product and signing off on every nut. New photography highlights the taste, texture, and variety of flavors of the brand’s offerings and every detail, from the logo to the colors, has been refined to celebrate “substance with swagger.”

“PLANTERS is a true American icon,” said JB Hartford, Creative Director at JKR, “connecting generations and providing real food satisfaction with substance. The creative idea behind the new brand is all about celebrating the brand’s straight-to-the-nut sensibility, debonair flare, and crave-worthy irresistibility. We’re thrilled to finally share with the world the many sides of our beloved Mr. Peanut.”