Odgis Builds Brand For Arch Street Capital Advisors

Odgis + Company has created a visual rebranding of Arch Street Capital Advisors , a full-service real estate investment and advisory firm. In architecture, the arch is an essential element of building foundation, functioning as a supportive and transitional structure, and also as a linking tool. The Odgis team reflected this concept with the rounded top of the “A” in the new logo wordmark. To bring the company’s mission to life, they animated the logo so the two sides of the “A” in Arch come together to meet at the top.

A newly redesigned website is easily navigable and uses the green arch as a vibrant graphic that animates across the various images of their properties. Additionally, Odgis created an icon system to identify these different property types. With the new visual identity system and palette, Arch Street’s website is transformed into a fresh, modern, dynamic and holistic entity, ready to meet new challenges and opportunities.



The project also included a flexible branded PowerPoint template to accommodate different forms of presentations and an email template with multiple design variations. In symbiosis, these elements of visual identity all work together to reinforce the brand look and feel. Odgis + Company is an award-winning woman-owned design firm based in New York City.