Pepsi Global Design’s New Rockstar

Last year, PepsiCo acquired Rockstar Energy Beverages as part of their effort to expand their presence in the global, fast-growing energy category. Now, the brand is introducing new packaging, dialed-up digital components, flavor innovations, and will be running a Super Bowl ad for the first time. The new portfolio-wide global visual identity refresh was created completely in-house by PepsiCo’s Global Design team.


The new identity re-engineers the star logo to be more modern, timeless and inviting, while the color palette has evolved from a primary yellow and black to an elevated metallic gold and black to increase quality expectation and appeal. “Our intent with the new brand identity is to elevate the brand and its iconic star logo, making it more inviting and improving the consumer experience,” said Carl Gerhards, Senior Director, Design, PepsiCo Beverage North America.