Poulin + Morris Stages Kinetic Fundraising Materials

Gibney Dance is a non-profit modern dance company with a mission to influence dance, movement, creativity, and performance into effecting social change and personal transformation. The company recently acquired significant additional space — a 36,000-square-foot facility at 280 Broadway in Manhattan — that focuses on training emerging dancers and features a digital media center, performance lab, and black box theater. For its first annual fundraising event held at the new space, Poulin + Morris designed a comprehensive branding and event graphics program. Expanding on their environmental graphics program for the new facility which emphasizes the concept of movement through time and space, designers Richard Poulin and Andrea Carrillo developed print and digital media for the event including save-the-date announcements, invitations, programs, silent auction bid sheets, menus, and temporary directional, informational, and wayfinding signs. Dramatic photography of Gibney dancers coupled with a vibrant color palette and intersecting typographic forms created a series of kinetic visuals promoting the Spring 2015 Benefit.