Isley Spin Art Creates Chaos + Clarity

TEDMED is a global community of leading thinkers in the fields of health and medicine. For the past eight years Alexander Isley designers have worked with the organization to develop distinctive visual approaches for their annual gatherings, interpreting each year’s theme in a unique way. This most recent gathering of TEDMED Talks was based on the theme of “Chaos + Clarity”. To suggest this idea, the design team developed a visual approach that presented randomly generated spin art in an organized way, dropping ink and paint into a salad spinner, standing back, and holding our breath to see what would happen. Most of the time the results weren’t pretty, observes Isley, but with patience and luck the team was were able to amass a promising set of spatters that were combined, edited, and manipulated to serve as the foundation of our visual program. Elements included printed pieces, online communications, signage, apparel, gifts, maps, and environments. The stage design was developed by Design Foundry.