Shale Brewing Logo Redesigned By Site 14

As the brewery ownership transitioned from multi-partnered to sole ownership, the Shale Brewing Company identity also needed to transition to a more flexible, adaptable and modern look. Serving the brewery well in its early years, the original brand eventually proved to be dated, restrictive, costly to reproduce and unable to accommodate planned future growth. Proactively designed by Joe Rosza of Site 14 with expansion in mind, the new brand with its signature orange color scheme has allowed Shale Brewing Company to move into new markets while remaining true to the original Shale name.

Veteran-owned and veteran brewed, the company “prides itself on brewing high-quality, easy-to-love and easy-to-drink craft beer” and as “a place where anyone can meet and exchange ideas, engage in conversation, build relationships, eat great food, drink craft beer, and have a great time. This has been the guiding force in not only the drinks and food we serve, but more importantly who we have working with us and the story we all create together.” Current locations are in Canton and North Canton OH. As for Joe Rosza, the creative director, designer and owner of Site 14 has worked with  clients ranging from the big (including Fortune 50, 100, and 500) to the very small. He is the recipient of several Hermes Awards, Marcom Awards and GDUSA Awards, and has been featured in Computer Arts Magazine, Graphic Design USA and the Logo Lounge. The agency is based in North Canton OH.