Substantial CEO Sends Message to Women in Tech

Digital design and development agency Substantial has named Carey Jenkins its new CEO. In this position, Jenkins oversees  digital teams working on national and global product development for clients, and overall company performance including strategic direction, brand equity, and growth and empowerment of the agency’s personnel. Jenkins brings with her over 17 years of experience in client services and delivery management. When she began her six-year tenure at Substantial, she was initially hired as one of the agency’s first engagement managers, before rising through the ranks to Director, then VP of Client Services. Her journey is based on a liberal arts and journalism background, rather than formal design or computer engineering education. “I am thrilled for this leadership opportunity,” she said. “I was the sixth woman to work at Substantial. Now we have 37% females overall, and our leadership team is comprised of 40%. I hope seeing a female CEO will send a definitive message to women to step up and out of their comfort zone, particularly in technology.”