TFI Envision Drives Diesel Auto Parts Campaign

Standard Motor Products has turned again to TFI Envision to develop an ad campaign for their Standard® Diesel brand. The campaign positions the Standard® Diesel brand as the ‘go to’ line of diesel auto parts with unique products in many diesel categories. To define their place in the category, the Norwalk CT-based agency  developed the “Bigger, Better, Diesel” campaign. The ads are currently running in all major automotive aftermarket trade publications, digital and print.

The message is expressed in a series print and digital ads. For example, “The Road” visualizes the toughness of the brand, in print, by showing a road crumbling in the wake of the brand and in digital by having the graphics ‘shutter’ as though they were stamped firmly into the “road” background. A second ad, dubbed “Shadow”, helps the target audience understand that Standard has diesel parts for most diesel vehicles. Each part featured in an ad casts a shadow of the vehicle it should be installed in, a powerful visual metaphor.